A WordPress site with a lot of Javascript/jQuery functionality, including a custom “Property Calculator” web app.

Designed in Photoshop, this website uses WordPress as a CMS. The theme heavily uses custom WP queries and custom fields. The majority of the visual effects are done using jQuery. The “Property Calculator” web app was based on an old Microsoft Excel sheet that the company was using in-house. I wrote a custom PHP/Javascript app to bring it to life on their website.

Humanoid Art Lab

Web App: Humanoid Art Lab

A web app created with PHP and Javascript that allows customers to build, save, share, and purchase custom wakeboards.

Web App: Humanoid Art Lab

Originally intended for Flash, this web app eventually saw the light of day using the power of PHP and jQuery. This web app allows customers to create their own board graphics.  After creating the graphics, they can then save, share and purchase the board. This app was extremely complex to build, and there are so many variables taking place. Deciding not to use Flash really brought the creativity out of me. For example, rotating graphics, which is simple in Flash, all of the sudden had to be rethought using Javascript.  Eventually, I created a jQuery plugin that used the jQuery UI Slider to switch between various rotated images of the same graphical asset. Other challenges included having to be able to change the size, color, and scaling of text.  At the end of the day, I used a text-to-image PHP script, and plugged it into the app using AJAX.


This site features a custom-built CMS, rich jQuery effects and a dual-blog WordPress homepage.

I really wanted to create something unique for the Underground Products website. This apparel company has 2 major divisions, and they wanted to build-out separate sections for both. I convinced them to do a dual-blog design, and after some jQuery magic, I made a really unique and dynamic experience. Extensive use of jQuery was used throughout so the website matched the clothing company’s edgy, modern youthful vibe. After the project was complete, I adapted the same website for their Japanese division. WordPress was used as the blog platform, and I built a custom CMS for the rest of the website.


Site powered by a custom CMS I built. Includes “Rate Calculator” web app that uses AJAX to return pricing and availability.

The Wakeboard Camp site is powered by a custom CMS that I created. There are a ton of features on the website, and the design is pretty modern and edgy. It includes a WordPress blog for the homepage, and how bunch of jQuery throughout. The best feature has to be the “Rate Calculator” web app that I created for them. It allows the customer to select dates to visit the camp, and then the app gives immediate feedback, like price, availability, discounts, and a ton of other things. The Wakeboard Camp can control the pricing and availability calendar easily from within the custom CMS I built for them. Although the calculator app is easy to use, don’t mistake it as a basic script. There are a lot of things going on with the PHP server script, and a ton of variables that the end-user will never know about are being used to calculate all of the information, and process the AJAX callbacks.

Custom WordPress website created for professional wakeboarder, Trevor Hansen.

I created the TrevorHansen logo and the rest of the website design in Photoshop. I brought it to life using WordPress. jQuery was used in several situations like rotating the custom Twitter feed in the header, and applying little effects throughout. Custom WordPress queries were used on the home page, and the “Friends” page utilized WordPress’ “Links” functionality.


Custom CMS powered site that has a Flash homepage and header, and uses YUI for visual effects.

The client wanted a fun website that matched her clientele, so I created a dynamic homepage and header using Adobe Flash and Actionscript. The remainder of the site needed to be accessible and updated easily, so I created a custom CMS that enabled her to add products, modify pages, and approve testimonials. YUI was used for all non-Flash effects on the website.


This website is a unique twist on what would be a bland information page.

This website is a unique twist on what would be a bland information page. I broke up sections of their content and placed them into WordPress pages. I then used custom WP queries to bring that content back into a jQuery-powered content slider. Other visual effects include a custom-built navigation menu and unique-looking contact form. Rich graphics and interesting text formatting gave this otherwise simple website a premium feel.

Humanoid Board App

Flash App: Humanoid Boards

I used Flash to bring life to the product lineup for Humanoid Wakeboards. I also integrated all of the boards in 3d.

Flash App: Humanoid Boards

Flash was used exclusively for this web app.  I used Actionscript to bring all of the pieces together.  One of the more notable features is the dynamic rotating of the wakeboards. For this, I took CAD files that were provided by the client, and then imported them into Maya. Once in Maya, I skinned the boards with their graphics, and added special shaders and lights to make the boards look shiny when I animated them.