Custom CMS powered site that has a Flash homepage and header, and uses YUI for visual effects.

The client wanted a fun website that matched her clientele, so I created a dynamic homepage and header using Adobe Flash and Actionscript. The remainder of the site needed to be accessible and updated easily, so I created a custom CMS that enabled her to add products, modify pages, and approve testimonials. YUI was used for all non-Flash effects on the website.

Humanoid Board App

Flash App: Humanoid Boards

I used Flash to bring life to the product lineup for Humanoid Wakeboards. I also integrated all of the boards in 3d.

Flash App: Humanoid Boards

Flash was used exclusively for this web app.  I used Actionscript to bring all of the pieces together.  One of the more notable features is the dynamic rotating of the wakeboards. For this, I took CAD files that were provided by the client, and then imported them into Maya. Once in Maya, I skinned the boards with their graphics, and added special shaders and lights to make the boards look shiny when I animated them.